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At Butterfly, we firmly believe that theoretical models and ready-made plans cannot fit a hotel business's needs nowadays. Our experienced team of professionals offers you a comprehensive, personalised approach that ideally matches your needs and requirements.​

Our services range is divided into two main categories, depending on your needs and the goals you have set:

  • Hotel Management Services 

  • Hotel Investors Services

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Differentiation from the competition and maximum adaptability to demanding operating conditions are at the core of our business strategy. Our steadfast goal is to sustain and enhance our customers' profitability, create new and imaginative hotel products and services, and facilitate human resource development. We rely on optimising revenue through our experience and know-how and limiting costs with management models that bring all costs to analogue models up to 80%. This way, we guarantee the profitability of each hotel in every season and situation!


Entrust our experienced team to quickly and efficiently evaluate the investment opportunities at your disposal. Offering you a comprehensive proposal, from initial investment to construction and operation.

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