We are a boutique hotel management & consulting company. Our goal is to disrupt the market's status quo, create added value and maximise originality in the hospitality industry. At the core of our philosophy lies the unwavering conviction that independent hotels and innovative lodging concepts hold an invaluable strategic advantage over chain-branded hotels' uninspiring uniformity. We genuinely believe that a hotel with distinctive character and unique customer experience can be leveraged to gain global reach and exposure in a marketplace driven by online reputation and guest reviews.

Our team

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Fabrice Delaporte



Having both abundant experience in establishing strategic relationships with major customers and investors and a genuine passion for business growth and expansion, Fabrice is a renowned business expert who merits being entrusted to optimise your investment's performance.

Areas of expertise:

  • Strategy & Development

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Results-oriented culture

  • Business model & financial engineering

  • Expert management experience

  • P&L Management & Optimization

  • Asset Management

  • Investors Relationships & Advisory


Maria Daskalaki



Having yielded outstanding results in all the projects she has undertaken so far, Maria adds authenticity to the guests' experience, generates significant growth in value for all F&B outlets while supporting and motivating the personnel to grow personally and professionally. Highly skilled in food & beverage management ranging from hotels, restaurants and bars to multifunctional and special event venues. 

Areas of expertise:

  • Food & Beverage Management

  • Sales

  • HR & Recruiting

  • Guest Services Operations

  • Marketing & Communications

Theodoros Theodoropoulos



Having participated as a consultant and/or general manager in more than 350 successful hotel projects in Greece, Cyprus, and Bulgaria, Theodore is a recognised authority in his field. Additionally, he has served as an independent hotel consultant to multinational consulting and investment companies for projects ranging from small boutique hotels to resort groups with over 1300 rooms.

Areas of expertise:

  • Hotel Pre-opening

  • Hotel Operations

  • Hotel Management

  • Hotel Sales & Revenue

  • Hotel Branding

  • Hotel Marketing & Advertising

  • Hotel HR recruiting & training

  • Hotel IT & Telecom

  • Hotel Operational Consulting